Help Center - Terms of Service

To provide the best user experience, we need to process information about you. The information we collect depends on how you are using Woilo. Below are some of our rights regarding the data/content you uploaded to Woilo.

  • Uploaded contents. We have the right to alter or delete contents uploaded to Woilo without informing the uploader if said content violate the Woilo Usage Guideline.
  • Your Identity. The identity you enter at Woilo is only used with the aim of making it easier for you to build social networks at Woilo such as finding new friends, being able to be found by others, being recognized by your friends and so on. We also need your formal identity if you apply for our Content Creator program to verify that your identity is authentic and real.
  • Your Location. Your location will be recorded if you use the Nearby People feature on Woilo and will be used to approximate the distance between you and other users in the area.
  • Your Usage. Your engagements to contents and other users will be processed to give you a more personalized user experience.
  • Account Blocking. We have the right to block and delete your account if we receive reports stating that the account you use has violated the policies we made or the applicable law in your country.

We want our services to be open and can be used by anyone. With that said, we also want our services to be safe, secure, and in accordance with existing legal regulations. Therefore, we ask that you comply with a number of restrictions so that you can become part of Woilo.

  • You must be at least 12 years of age to join Woilo.
  • You are not allowed to upload contents containing pornography, violence in any form, defamation, racism, terrorism, and/or other negative content.
  • You are not allowed to provide or sell services related to prostitution, and/or adult products in any form.
  • You are not allowed to impersonate others or provide inaccurate information (hoaxes).
  • You are not allowed to sell a Woilo account (your account or someone else's).
  • You are not allowed to do anything that could disrupt or damage the operation of the service as it should.
  • You are not allowed to do things that offends or disturb the comfort of other users.

If you violate the conditions stated above, the penalty that we will give ranges from the removal of the content that you uploaded to the blocking of your account.

Woilo provides the "Private Account" feature as a form of privacy provided to users. Here are some things that will happen if you make your account a Private Account:

  • Private accounts will be hidden from the public.
  • Only people who have become followers or people who have been approved by you can see your profile.
  • People who have not become your followers or have not yet approved will not be added to your profile visit list when visiting your profile.

We consider several factors to determine whether your account meets our requirements and is eligible for verification. Some of the requirements we will review is as follows:

  • You can bring a positive impact on the Woilo user community.
  • You do not assume someone else's identity as your personal identity.
  • You have never violated Woilo's guidelines.
  • Your account represents a well-known, sought-after person, brand or entity.
  • Your account has a profile picture, bio, and at least 1 post.
  • Your account must be active for at least 1 month at Woilo.
  • Your identity must be clear, authentic, and real.
  • You are a public figure (celebrity, artist, etc.) who has a positive impact on many people.

If you have met the requirements that we listed, the Woilo moderator team will consider further before carrying out the account verification process.

We provide Woilo Coins to users to make purchases within the Woilo application with the following conditions:

  • Woilo coins can only be used in the Woilo application.
  • Woilo coins cannot be cashed in.
  • All products that have been purchased with Woilo Coins cannot be returned or exchanged with other products.
  • All activities done to receive Woilo Coins for free apart from our intended means will be acted on in the form of blocking your account.

Woilo users will be rewarded for their interactions with other users and their uploaded contents. The reward amount will be calculated by Woilo's algorithm.

Every users must accept these Terms of Service for Lo-Wallet to participate in this program.

  • Fund withdrawal are only available for domestic banks (Indonesia).
  • Your accumulated fund will be reduced if any suspicious or malicious activities in any form is detected on your account.

Every violation that will harm Woilo or other users will immediately be acted on in the form of account blocking and all accumulated funds will be withheld.